David Harkin



David manages money in the State of Iowa under the name of Fort Des Moines Financial Services. David worked as a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) under Broker Dealer ‘Cambridge Investment Research’ from January 2007 to October 2014. From November 2014 to the present David is an Independent RIA via the State of Iowa.

Dave practices the golden rule in providing clients the types of products he uses for himself. Staying clear of high expense products from insurance companies and limited partnerships keeps more of your money working for you. As an Independent Advisor he will not act as a puppet to someone’s back office and will put your needs first. He is dedicated to what he does while also trying to improve the South Side.

Dave is a devoted husband and coach to his girls multiple athletic teams and lives on the South Side. He graduated from Northeast Missouri State (Truman State), Norwalk High School, and was born in Cumming, IA. While other advisors may come and go, Dave has etched his name in stone underneath the word ‘Investments’ on his building along Army Post-Fort Des Moines Financial Services.


Owner, Fort Des Moines Financial Services.
Registered Investment Advisor, Cambridge Investment Research
Ameriprise Financial


  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
  • Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC)
  • Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU)

Contact Info

Phone : (515) 777-1150
Email : DSMI@investdsmi.com