My goal is to look ahead at the markets in relation to the economy, business cycle, and changing events. I try to be cognizant of what has happened in the past but do not use past performance as what is indicative in the future. I study the investments I use for my clients and often have the same positions myself. I invest based on your risk factors and suitability.

The products that I invest in at T.D. Ameritrade will use the lowest expense investments considering the markets outlook. They include Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), individual stocks, some mutual funds and bonds.

I like ETF’s because most offer internal expenses that are a fraction of what regular mutual funds and are without front end fees or surrender expenses. Immediate trading abilities are also an advantage and certain tax control variables in non retirement accounts. In short ETF’s offer hundreds of investment options that vary from Broad Market Indexes to Specific Sectors or Industries and a wide array of International choices. ETF’s have no 12b-1 expenses like mutual funds.

A sample Portfolio containing the following 3 Super Low ETF Investment Expenses would look like:

  • US Large Cap Value – .04%  annual expense
  • World ex-US               – .04%  annual expense                                       
  • US Aggregate Bond  – .04%  annual expense

This illustrates $4 per $10,000 invested

  • TD Ameritrade offers US Stocks and all ETF’s with buy and sell trades of $0
  • DSMI accounts have no investment minimums or annual custodial fees

Annual management expenses assessed via Fort Des Moines Financial Services on your T.D Ameritrade accounts will range from .80% to 1.10% per year. Many accounts have annual management expenses of 1.0% per year. One quarter of the annual fees are taken out at the end of the quarter.

Important Questions

You need to ask yourself:
  • How do I make money in these markets?
  • Am I getting competent financial advice?
  • What kind of risks am I willing to take?
  • Am I diversified?

Get Answers

To these questions and more

Large National Firms sometimes have conflicts of interest because they have to pay tiers of executives, stockholders, advertisers and advisors. The products recommended may not be what you really need.

As An Independent Advisors, Our Obligation Is To Our Clients Offering You

  • No Fee for Financial Planning Advice
  • Investment accounts with no Front end of Back end charges
  • No Annual Custodial fees – $20, $30, $80, $100 per account.
  • No Sales Pitches
  • No Annuities, Limited Partnerships or Private REIT's

DSMI offers to out Brokerage Clients

  • Our clients access free ETFs
  • Full access to listed Stocks and Low Cost Exchange Traded Funds
  • E-Delivery and Paper Statement Options
  • Exceptional Domestic Support Service
  • Exceptional Domestic Technoloy Support
  • Exceptional Website Features
  • No client minimums or early redemption charges
  • Free overnight mailing of client funds by request

Note all accounts are Discretionary

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