Sean’s Story

Sean Kimberley

I was born and raised in Canada, and even though I am a very proud US citizen, I am also a proud Canadian. My family owned and operated a fishing camp in Northwestern Ontario, and I grew up on the water, serving people. I guided Walleyes, Northern Pike, and lots of other sport fish and have made many a shore lunch in my day. Serving people has been a lifelong endeavor for me, and that has not changed for the past 40 years.

I loved helping people have a fantastic day on the lake with me as a young man, as much as I love serving my clients and their financial needs today.

My Dad’s family were farmers in Central Iowa, and I went to Iowa State University where I studied Finance. For my adult life, I have only worked in Financial Services, and I love helping people with their financial goals.

Aside from helping my clients achieve their financial goals, I have enjoyed youth sports for many years. I have coached just about every sport imaginable, but I have a genuine love for youth softball. My daughter played at Iowa State University and I was privileged to coach her all of her softball life. I have been all over this country coaching and watching my daughter play softball. When she graduated from ISU, she and I coached together for many years, and those are some of my favorite softball memories. I have had a lot of fun with softball over the last almost 20 years of coaching.